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Japanese export company Akebono Co.,ltd, provides the service of purchasing cars in used car auctions, cutting them in our yard and shipping car parts in containers from Japan to major USA ports.

How it works:

1. We sign the agreement and get the down payment from USA customers.

2. Akebono provides access to used cars auto auctions

3. Customer choose car and make bid.

4. We charge $800 USD up to the car price successfully purchased in the auction (from main auctions).

This price includes following expenses:

- Auction fee;

- Transportation from auction to our yard fee;

- Recycle fee;

- Cutting fee;

- Akebono comission;

5. Freight from our yard in Japan to major USA port- $5000 USD (valid until Feb 2020)

Where is our cutting yard is located?

Our car dismantle yard is located in Toyama city of Japan near the port of Toyama.

For our yard pictures please check here:

How do you cut cars?

Samples of containers loading

*for USA we do use bubble wrap

For any further questions please contact


Mobile: +81-80-9345-0655 (whats'up, viber, imo,messenger, telegram)

Skype ID: live:.cid.6736d165a2b5f022

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