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Placing a bid in Japanese auto auctions (Akebono)

The next step in the process of purchasing car is to choose the car in the auction system and request the auction sheet translation. Akebono staff will make the detail translation.

If customer needs, he can order paid inspection prior to actual auction. Inspection can be done only on the day of auction, so it is necessary to take the time difference into the consideration.

Most of the cars are sold from online auctions. Bidding there takes place in real time by step-by-step increase in rates by bidders from the starting price to the maximum price that they are willing to offer the owner for a particular car. Bidding for one car lasts only 15 - 40 seconds, so you need to immediately clearly define for yourself the maximum that you have for buying.

Each car is traded at a certain time, which is assigned by the system in the morning on the day of the auction. Bidding is conducted continuously from 9.00 to 18.00 (at some auctions until 22.00) Japanese time, with a minimum time period. Each car is assigned a starting price (0 - ... yen) by the auction system, its function is that it is impossible to bid below the start price, the bid must be at least 10,000 yen higher than the starting price.

In order to determine the price, the buyer can study the auction statistics. The following characteristics affect the sale price: car model, auction grade, year, equipment, mileage, options. Thus, if you want to check the sold prices, try to find the car with the characteristics you need.

So, having decided on the maximum rate for his budget, the person who wants to buy car, in the morning on the day of the auction, informs his Japanese broker, who will participate in the auction on his behalf. Then he just waits for the result.

For example, if you decide that you are ready to buy a car you like with a starting price of 730,000 yen for 1,000,000 yen, you report the bid to your bidder, who must have access to the auction system. At the appointed time, the broker starts bidding for your dream car in real time by stepping up the bid (auction step is 3,000 - 5,000 yen, depending on the auction) from 730,000 yen to 1,000,000 yen. If the broker made his last button press at 1,000,000 yen (plus the auction step, i.e., for example, 1,005,000 yen), and trading continues further, he simply retreats, since he has no right to manage someone else's budget. In this case, you will not get the car.

If the buyer wants to bid on several cars and buy one, then such a bid is called a group bid. Some large companies limit the number of bets in a group in order to weed out unrealistic bets. Also, some companies set a time limit for trading between group bids. For example, if one bid is traded at 8:30 and the other at 8:35, then the above companies do not accept the group bids. Our company does not make any limitation of group biding.

To place a group bid, the buyer must indicate the name of the group with the letter , and the number of cars required with the number. For example, A1 will mean that you need to buy one car from group A, and B2 will mean that you need to buy two cars from group B, and do not trade the rest of the bids after buying two cars.

Most companies limit the acceptance of bets by time. This is done in order to have time to translate and process the lot. In our company, we accept bids 30 minutes from the actual trading time. The exception will be tender auctions, where the bid is placed in the morning, and the result appears in the evening. For tender auctions, we accept bids until 13:30 Japan time.

Since the bidding at the auctions is fast, the company reserves the right to overbid the client's budget by 20,000 yen. The exception is tender auctions, where you cannot buy a car cheaper than the set bid. A little trick for tender auctions: many people are used to placing bets ending in round numbers, such as 10,000 or 105,000 yen. Since even one number matters in tender auctions, it is better not to end the bids with round numbers, for example, instead of 100,000 yen, it is better to bid 101,000 yen.

Actual bidding screen.

One need to know that the seller also participates in the auction. The seller observes the number of participants and if he feels that the car may leave unsold, he lowers the hidden price.

Room for seller: USS Yokohama

Hall for bidder: USS Yokohama


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