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When buying a car at auction, the exporter, in addition to other expenses, pays the tax on the disposal of the car. Recycling tax is always registered on the auction sheet.

There is no disposal tax for the following equipment:

- two-wheeled vehicle

- snowmobiles

- some special vehicles

- trailers

- agricultural machinery

- forest machinery

Examples of recycle taxes: Small cars, small passenger cars- 7,000 yen- 16,000 yen Conventional passenger cars- 10,000 yen- 18,000 yen Trucks- 10,000 yen- 16,000 yen buses- 40,000 yen-65,000 yen

One can check the exact cost of the recycling tax for any car on the website To do this, you just enter the data of the car into the program and the system determines the amount of the tax on recycling.

After payment of the disposal tax, the company that paid the tax is issued such a receipt based on which, then a refund is made.

When exporting a car in its entirety (without disassembling), the tax paid is returned, after providing supporting documents on export. Therefore, this tax is not exhibited to customers from Russia. Usually, the sender company pays this tax and then returns it to itself. For the same reason above, when customers ask us to pick up a car from our competitors from parking lots, these companies ask us to pay a recycling tax, since the tax is returned to the sender of the car, that is, in this case, to us. What happens to the tax when a car is sorted out in Japan? When parsing a car in Japan, the tax is also returned to the company to the dismantler, but already partially.

Partial tax refund schemes.

The recycling tax refund for parsing a car in Japan consists of the following components: SHREDDER DUST - metal and garbage (glass, cladding, etc.), in this case, 4.730 yen. This amount is returned to the company that processes the car body. Processing requires expensive equipment. Typically, companies that disassemble cars sell dismantled carcasses for metal to recycling plants, and they, in turn, process the body and carry out a partial tax refund accordingly.

AURBAG- airbags, in this case 2,250 yen. This amount is returned to the company that made the analysis of the car and the obligatory delivery of airbags. FREON is frion, in this case 2,050 yen. This amount is returned to the company that merged frion from the car, usually it is carried out by those companies that disassemble the car.

INFORMATION MANAGEMENT FEE & CASH MANAGEMENT FEE is the cost of the disposal center, the cost of maintaining the software. In this case, the return is to the recycling center. Although the process seems easy in words, in fact, detailed and detailed rules have been developed for emptying freon and putting in air bags.


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