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Red Book of Endangered Cars

I was asked today to translate the auctioneer -LOT 2119. In the comments I saw an interesting inscription 絶滅 危 惧 車 種 ("zetsumetsu sha-shu"), if you translate that 絶滅 - extinction, 危 惧 - danger, 車 種 - model. . Those are the car model, which may not be available soon.

I looked at the sales statistics for three months and really TOYOTA MARK II JZX90 turbo (Tourer-V) with the original MT box were rarely sold, basically all Modified MT (that is, redesigned with AT).

I remembered interesting comics ぜっしゃか on the topic. Girl Riko Momose finds old, rare "endangered" cars, restores them, while telling how it all happens and then drives them.


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