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Most of us knows the procedure of negotiations if the car was gone unsold in used car auction. However, not everybody knows about reverse negotiations 逆商談 ("gyaku shoudan").

In case of reverse negotiations seller of the car controls the bidding process and checks what was the last bidding amount before the car was gone unsold. If the seller agrees on the last bidding price, he/she can apply for reverse negotiations to auction house. Auction will call the last bidder and offer the car at the price the last bidder has pushed. If the last bidder agrees, the car will be sold to him/her.

Not every auction group allows reverse negotiations, for instance TAA Group doesn't allow this type of negotiations. Some groups, like USS allow reverse negotiations depending on the seller rank S and A ranks allowed, B rank , not. JU group accept reverse negotiations if you direct member. For instance, if your company participates in JU through AUCNET, they will not allow you to participate in reverse negotiations.

You can apply for reverse business negotiations only during the event. The applicant completes the designated procedure, agrees with the winning bidder, and obtains the consent of the winning bidder.

Vehicles closed in reverse business negotiations will be treated in the same way as regular auction bids. So the auction fee for the purchaser will be as usual, without increase.


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