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Sompo Japan Nipponkoa has analyzed the images of automobiles taken by customers using smartphones in November 2019, and calculated the approximate repair cost of automobiles in real time. Estimated AI automatic quotation service “SOMPO AI repair quotation” was started.

The AI ​​repair estimate system was developed in collaboration with Eid Reamer , who has a reputation for speed and has a high level of engineers. The AI ​​automatic repair quotation service that estimates the amount of automobile repairs is the first in the industry, and a patent is pending.

In order to estimate the repair amount of an automobile, it is necessary to bring it to a repair shop or conduct an witness investigation by an accident person in charge of an insurance company. However, it takes about one to two weeks for the repair amount to be informed. As a result, it took time to pay insurance money. To solve these problems, the company has developed an automatic repair estimate service for car accidents using LINE chat and shooting functions and AI image recognition technology.

The estimated repair amount can be confirmed approximately 30 seconds after the image is taken, and the insurance payment procedure can be shortened to a minimum of 30 minutes. In addition, this service has been further improved in convenience by being used from the “insurance claim service utilizing LINE”.

Select “Shooting + AI Repair Estimate” from the company's LINE account, select the damaged part and take a picture, and AI calculates the approximate repair amount from the image data. The photographed image and the approximate repair amount are transmitted to the accident person, and the accident person is informed of the insurance money to be paid on the chat based on the image and the approximate repair amount.

In the future, the scope of this service will be expanded, and a service for calculating insurance claims based on AI will be considered for damage to fire insurance houses. In addition, after the accident is accepted based on the AI ​​repair estimate, the insurance payment amount is automatically calculated, and the aim is to realize a service that can complete the payment to the customer instantly. The company wants to provide an unprecedented innovative and high quality accident response service that makes it easier and more convenient to complete the insurance claim process by combining cutting-edge technologies.


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