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Started data linkage with MOTOR GATE in AI-NET store inventory service

The “Store Inventory Service” of the Internet service “AI-NET” operated by the Arai Auto Auction will collaborate it's data with “MOTOR GATE operated by Proto Corporation .

Vehicle information can be posted at the same time by linking the conventional AI-NET store inventory service and the “MOTOR GATE (motor gate)” inventory management system for used car dealers that can be posted on Google. This not only simplifies operations, but also expands the sales channel by expanding the retail sales and business sales, leading to increased business opportunities for members. In addition, not only new publications but also content corrections are linked, which increases convenience and provides more useful services.  

[Service outline] ■ Start date: Friday, November 1, 2019 ■ Connection content: MOTOR GATE → AI-NET store inventory service ■ Participation method: Application is required for cooperation of store services       * For cooperation with MOTOR GATE AI-NET ID is required.       * In order to include store inventory service, simply add scratch / scratch condition, evaluation point, and sales price.


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