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Taa Chubu Collected 82 cars, the highest ever, at the Hino corner

TAA Chubu (Kawagoe Town, Mie Prefecture, President Takeshi Kitaguchi) held the second "Hino Corner" this year on March 18. On the day of the event, 82 units were collected from nearby dealers, mainly Aichi Hino Motors, with a record high of 80 units and a contract rate of 97.6%. At the interview, Toshimitsu Urata said, "We were able to collect enough cars with the cooperation of the dealers. It has been a year since we started the corner at this venue, but with increasing awareness, the general public The number of members exhibiting at the "Bantra" (Van-Truck) corner is increasing. We will continue to focus on increasing the number of listings in order to create an environment that is easy to buy. " In addition, Aichi Hino Motors officials said, "Conventional bidding was a heavy burden for the company and was overworked. By utilizing the auction, the man-hours can be significantly reduced and the number of successful bidders. Is overwhelmingly more than the bidding event. It has led to a successful bid at a high price. I have high expectations for TAA in the future. To that end, we will strengthen our internal system and increase the number of trade-in vehicles. "


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