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TAA Ehime Satellite Venue Opens on April 6th

Toyota Uzek will open the 12th venue "TAA Ehime Satellite Venue" on April 6th.

The TAA Ehime Satellite venue is a permanent satellite equipped with a post seat, adjustment room, and inspection building, reflecting the voices of local members, at the "Ehime Matsuyama Special Yard" that started in Yakura, Tobe-cho, Iyo-gun, Ehime Prefecture in November 2018. Open as a venue.

The "TAA Ehime Satellite Venue" will have a capacity of about 500 cars and 61 post seats, and will be held every Tuesday as a corner of TAA Shikoku.

Since its opening in 2009, TAA Shikoku has been increasing the number of listings. Although affected by the new Corona last year, the annual number of exhibits exceeded 50,000. The contract rate has exceeded 80%, and it is highly supported by members of Shikoku as a place for used car distribution. With this satellite venue, the convenience of members in the Matsuyama area will be further enhanced, and more active transactions are expected.

Toyota Uzek said, "In addition to the TAA Shikoku venue in Kagawa Prefecture, which will be the parent venue, we will strive to improve the convenience of members in the Shikoku area and aim to operate the venue closer to the region."


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