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On May 15 th,2021 TAA Group opens new auction yard, which will be based in Atsugi area of Kanagawa prefecture. The auction name will remain the same TAA YOKOHOMA and the name of location will be added TAA 横浜厚木ヤード (TAA YOKOHAMA ATSUGI YARD).

One should be careful that lots numbers 70001- 79000 of TAA YOKOHAMA are actually located in Atsugi. Thus the transportation to the closes port Yokohama will be more expensive. For instance, if one purchase car in TAA Yokohama, the transportation to Yokohama port will be around 4,000 JPY, but if the car is located in Atsugi yard, the transportation will be around 7,000 JPY-8,000 JPY.

TAA Yokohama Atsugi yard will be auctioned every Saturday.


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