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TAA Yokohama will set up a special "camper & camper corner" (キャンピングカー&キャンパーコーナー) at the auction on October 16th, 2021 . As the spread of the new corona infection demands a new lifestyle, the need for campers is increasing as a car that avoids crowds and enjoys the outdoors. Nowadays, not only specialty stores but also dealer sales companies are expanding into the camper market by planning and selling original campers. In response to this growing need for campers, the venue will set up a special "camper & camper corner" to support the business of exhibitors and successful bidders. By setting up the special corner, the notation of the exhibition slip will be changed to "camper" to make it easier to understand. Until now, campers have been buried because of their body shape and they have been exhibited at the Van and Truck Corner. This time, by making it a specialized corner, it will be easier for the exhibited vehicles to attract attention and the winning bidders will be easier to buy. The conditions for exhibiting at the special corner are vehicles with a bed kit (with a frame in principle), and trailer houses that require towing are not allowed. In addition, the number of interior and exterior photographs will be increased. Read more:


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