There is small groups of auctions there the system of bidding is different from the usual auctions. These type of auctions are called 入札会-tender auctions.

For most tender auctions bid is accepted 1 hour before mentioned time (but most export companies accept bids before 12:00 ) and the results for all tender auctions provided in the evening. The company who placed the highest bids wins the car and if two companies place the same amount of bid, the company which place the bid earlier gets the car. For most tender auctions it is not possible to get car in lower price than the bidding price.

Most of cars submitted to tender auctions was in use of rental companies or leasing companies.

Above how LUM tender auction looks like.


SPACE MOVE (SMAP)- http://www.spacemove.co.jp/

ZERO CAR SELECTION- (ZERO)- http://www.zero-group.co.jp/

ORIX AUTO PLAZA (ORIX)- http://www.orixcar.jp/auto-plaza/

TOKYO MARKETING CENTER (GE FLEET)- http://www.gecapital.jp/

DAIHATSU TOKYO HANBAI (DIHATSU NYUSATSUKAI)- https://daihatsu-tokyo.co.jp/

NISSAN PRINCE (NISSAN NYUSATSUKAI)- http://www.npt.co.jp/USED/nyusatu_new/

SAKURA NYUSATSUKAI (SAKURA)- http://www.kanetani.co.jp/

LEASE UP (LEASE UP)- http://www.slc.jp/

NISSAN AUTO AUCTION (NAA)- https://www.naa-net.ne.jp/

AEP AUCTION (AEP)- http://www.aep.co.jp/

KURUMA ICHIBA - http://www.slc.jp/

NISSAN PLAZA SOUL (NPS) - https://www.nissan-fs.co.jp/nps/system/

Most of above tender auctions has several auctions with different locations under it's group. For instance SMAP SAPPORO, SMAP TOKYO , SMAP Nagoya and etc.