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Used car import regulations New Zealand (AKEBONO)

Steering: Right Hand Drive

Year restrictions: vehicle should not be more than 8 years old from the date of manufacturing

Shipping lines: COSCO Shipping Lines Ltd, Armacup Maritime Service, MOL, NYK, Toyofuji, Kyowa

Shipment type: RO-RO

Freight: usually collect

Transit time: 14-26 days

Broker in Japan: Autohab, JFA (Japan Forwarding Agency)

Inspection: JEVIC and Quarantine service (MAF Biosecurity) inspection are required to be done in Japan before importing the Car in New Zealand from Japan.

Ports of the destination: Auckland, Lyttelton, Wellington, Nelson

Important: You will have to pass the compliance test upon arrival of your car/ no rust, no structural changes or accidents cars/

Car shall have ESP

Chassis number shall have three-digit emissions code (eg ‘ABA’, ‘CBA’, ‘DBA’, ‘DAA’, ‘LDA’, ‘ZAA’)

Car shall be checked for recalls.

Check the certificate for a kai mark like this Kai mark. After the model code. This indicates that the vehicle has modified and may no longer meet the required standards. We strongly suggest that you check with an entry certifier to make sure that the vehicle complies with required standards.


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