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Why are the Japanese (USER) selling their cars? There are three main reasons (in order of importance): 1. The validity of the inspection ("shaken") has ended; 2. The car was in a serious accident; 3. All that is not included in the first two paragraphs.

The most common reason for the sale is the expired (or near the end) validity period of the inspection ("shaken"). In Japan, all cars must undergo a mandatory inspection every two years (for new cars, the first inspection is carried out after three years). In addition to the fact that the inspection itself is not cheap (for passenger cars it costs about 600 - 800 dollars), even more stringent rules are its passage. In case of non-compliance with the required standards, the car will need to be repaired. And the cost of working in Japanese car services, even by Japanese standards, is very high. So it turns out that if the car’s exhaust toxicity is not normal, then to complete the maintenance, you need to pay not just 600, but all $ 3000 (the cost of spare parts with the work of replacing them). Many Japanese people prefer not to get involved in the inspection procedure, but simply sell the car. Although the first inspection, at the age of three, most cars go through. The bulk of the cars are sold at the age of 5 and 7 years.

The second most common reason for selling cars in Japan is getting into a serious accident.Moreover, the Japanese owner can sell both a restored and a broken car.

Finally, consider the third reason the Japanese sell their cars. This may include everything that was not included in the first two main ones. Often at auctions you can see cars whose sale reason is not entirely clear. It seems that you could drive this car for another year - two without inspection, and there was no body repair, but nevertheless the car is for sale.

User bring his/her car to the used car stores or car dealers and by trade in receive the new car. Among biggest trade in companies, who submit cars to auctions are: U-Car, Gulliver and Apple.

Trading company like our's purchase car from auction and then ship it abroad.


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