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You, whether you are a dealers or end-user, you will want to purchase cars from Japan at wholesale prices. You don’t want to pay expensive retail prices... You want the largest choice of cars and trucks to choose from.

There are two ways how to purchase car from Japanese used car exporter: purchase a car from available stock of that company or purchase car by participation in used car auction. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages.

In case of stock cars: there are a lot of pictures ready, the final price of purchase is fixed, so you can calculate the final price in your country of destination, for the most of the stock cars export documentation preparation is usually faster comparing to the those purchased by your order from auction. However among the disadvantages of stock cars is the car price. Since the exporter company freezes it money and take the risks of purchasing the car from auction and then re- selling it , the exporter company has to make more profit and the final car price goes high.

In case of participation in used car auction by your order, exporter companies fix the low commissions for their services, since the risks for the car not to be sold are absent. Thus in case you need to purchase car from Japan in car dealer low price and not the end user high price it is better to study about Japanese used car auction first and purchase the car you need from Japanese auction and not from stock.

Akebono Co.,Ltd the member of JUMVEA, offers you access to Japanese auto auctions.

- Auctions are for professionals;

- The choice of cars is bigger;

- All stock cars are purchased from auctions and re-sold from stock;

- Final price of the car in case of auction purchase is cheaper, comparing to the price of stock car;

- There is no certainty in purchasing a car from dealer stock because no dealer is going to give a 100 percent honest explanation about the vehicle, it will be bias;

- It doesn’t matter how nice the dealer is, he is going to give only good points towards this vehicle. His stock is always "good" stock, even if it was a grade 3 or a grade R when purchased from the auctions;

- Unlike an auction, there is no "independent" appraisal of the vehicle, you have to trust dealers word;

I was told , that for same countries, Japanese exporters don't give the choice to purchase the car from auction and never teach them about auctions. It is because above exporters make much more profit if they sell cars from their stock.


STEP 2. We will activate your account , so you can browse through the auctions

STEP 3. We will contact you and provide the expenses list so you can decide whether to work with our company or not.

STEP 4. If the pricing is ok with you , we make an invoice for the deposit.

STEP 5. You place the bid and we provide all technical information of that car.

STEP 6. After purchase we ship purchased car to the port of the destination and send you all required documents.

Study about Japanese used car auctions:


LOCATION:(HEAD OFFICE) 930-2201, Toyama Prefecture, Toyama City, 429 Kusajima, Japan; (YOKOHAMA BRANCH)1201-A Akebonocho Arai bld, 2-19-1 Akebonocho, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, 231-0057

FOUNDED YEAR: 2005/11/25 Toyama City, Japan


KEY ACTIVITY: Export of pre-owned vehicles, online sourcing and trading

COMPANY REGISTRATION: |2300-02-007382| - Toyama District Legal Affairs Bureau

Tel: +81 45 325 7947 Fax: +81 45 325 7948

Whats'app : +81-80-9345-0655



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