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Always make sure you are talking to a right company which export used auto parts directly from their warehouse in Japan.

In Japan, there are 2 types of companies you can source used car parts.

1. Dismantling yard - We call Kaitai ya in Japan. This means Junk Yard. This type of business buys and collects used scrap cars in Japan and dismantle them for parts.

2. Agent - This type of business, unlike Kaitai ya, does not have own yard or facility to buy cars and dismantle. So what they do are they buy used auto spares from kaitai ya then sell to overseas buyers.

No time to come to Japan and dismantle?- We do everything for you.

It is nowadays common for buyers to stay in Japan for sometimes then dismantle cars by parts then load them to containers.

However, it is costly and sometimes not efficient as you think.

Well, do you know that we can help. Our professional teams know how to dismantle cars. Nose cuts, Doors, Bonnets, Used Engines, and even Rear Side Fender Cuts. Then we can load containers for you.


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