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We have been exporting Used Motorcycles and Used Scooters of Japanese brands since 2005.

All Japanese brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki are available from us.

We check all scooters/motorcycles before the packing. We make sure that engines are not frozen. We ship them by FCL (Full Container Load).

Please let us know your interest by

AKEBONO CO.,LTD - used cars and parts from Japan

Mobile: +81-80-9345-0655 (whats'app)

When loading and shipping scooters in containers, it is beneficial to buy a scooter in bulk.

A 20-foot container holds 50-60 scooters, a 40-foot container holds 120-130 scooters. To get prices for a scooter, you need to send us a list of the models you are interested in and the categories of scooter conditions and we will provide you with calculations.

There are three categories of scooters A, B, C:

A - These are selected used scooters without visible damage, the main criteria are whole plastic, all standard parts are in place, a surface check of the engine is a kick test. These scooters require basic pre-sale preparation - checking and, if necessary, cleaning the engine, filters, replacing bulbs and cables if necessary, polishing and other minor work.

B are scooters for renovation. As a rule, in most cases these are scooters with broken plastic, missing elements, etc. According to external inspection, they are quite repairable. Should I order them? If you have the opportunity to repair them - why not.

C- Scooters in this category require more serious repairs. They can have serious external damage after an accident, fall, and many elements are missing. Scooters in this category are often bought for spare parts.

Following are the prices for some models (please note, that prices can change).

B and C grades:

Please ask us for any models that are not in the list or in case you need other grades.

In Japan expenses per 20F container 1,290,000 JPY

In Japan expenses per 40 F container 2,310,000 JPY

Freight is depending on the country of the destination. Please ask our managers.


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