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Starting from the end of May, 2021 SOMPO Oaks (President Katsuhiko Kotake, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), a subsidiary of SOMPO Holdings, will sell the current accident car taken by insurance companies such as Sompo Japan at USS Co., Ltd., the largest used car auction company.

The company is currently developing a net-type BtoB auction (bid event) using an "oaks board" that allows simultaneous listing and bidding in multiple auctions. Information is disclosed through inspections covering 50 items and up to 30 photographs. In addition, about 40,000 vehicles are handled annually, including dismantled vehicles that are not exhibited at the bidding event. It is expected to sell at a higher price by combining listings on USS and bidding. 

This initiative is based on the agreement between USS, which wants to contribute to a recycling-oriented society such as resale of cars with current accidents and reuse of parts, and USS, which has the philosophy of visualizing information and a correct, fair and fair auto auction. Realized.

The start time is from the end of May to the beginning of June. After a two-month trial at the Nagoya venue, there is a plan to expand to other venues.


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