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USS has significantly expanded the target corners for the undercarriage and tire images introduced at the Nagoya venue from September 17th, and will be able to view with about 6000 vehicles. In addition, a tire groove image has been added. We will further promote the provision of peace of mind by visualizing vehicles.

 This time, about 3,500 units will be added to the 7 corners of "First Prime", "Prime Time", "", "Light Prime Time", "Imported Car Prime Time", "Imported Car", "Imported Car @ 30", and "First Exhibition in Nagoya". .. With this addition, tire images will be attached to the exhibited vehicles, which is two-thirds of the total number of exhibited vehicles. Images can be viewed from CIS (personal computer / smartphone).

The undercarriage and tire images use the Israeli UVeye photography system. By combining advanced 3D scanning of the lower part of the vehicle, tires, and wheels and image analysis by AI, it is possible to automatically detect vehicle abnormalities instantly. It is possible to change.

The image was first introduced at the Nagoya venue in June 2020. After accumulating know-how, in February 2009, in addition to the undercut and tire images, the tire groove image introduced at the Nagoya venue was combined and introduced at the Tokyo venue.


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