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USS Kyushu has started the "Smart Clean Service", an interior and exterior cleaning service for exhibited vehicles, from June 26th,2021. Value-added service for new and relisted vehicles. The total price of the interior and exterior is 2,500 yen (excluding tax, in the case of a light car), which is a reasonable price. It is a value-added service with the desire of the venue to "sell the exhibited cars entrusted to us by customers as much as possible", and the members who used it immediately appreciated it.

The service will start from the exhibited vehicles held on June 26th. Reception until 12:00 on Thursday of the AA week. Excludes current accident vehicles, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, luxury vehicles, imports, etc. Specialized staff of the service will carefully wash each one using a dedicated device such as a high pressure washer.

The main charge system is 2500 yen for mini cars (1500 yen for interior, 1000 yen for exterior), 3200 yen for ordinary cars (2000 yen for interior, 1200 yen for exterior), and 4500 yen for RV / 1BOX / 3-row seat cars (3000 yen for interior). The lineup is (yen, exterior 15,000 yen). As another menu, we also offer a service of erasing signboard stickers (basic charge 5000 yen).

In the used car transaction at AA, it is a fact that there are many cases where the evaluation points and the contracted amount increase depending on the finish of the interior and exterior even if the exhibited vehicles are of the same model and year and have the same conditions. At the same venue, we decided to provide a smart clean service at an affordable price in order to meet the needs of exhibitors who are too busy to finish the interior and exterior and want to increase the value of the exhibited vehicles as much as possible, and member satisfaction. It leads to improvement of degree.


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