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From June 5th USS NAGOYA introducing an additional picture taking of lower part of the car

USS will carry out a test and introduction of tire images on June 5th at the Nagoya venue.As for the target corners, we will consider corners that have high needs from buyers such as OBD corners and corners without re-seri.Images can be viewed from CIS .

The image of tires and tires to be introduced this time is based on Toyota Tsusho Automotive Creation, a group company of Toyota Tsusho, and Israel UVeye's photography system, which Toyota Tsusho owns the sales rights.By combining advanced 3D scanning of the lower part of the vehicle, tires, and wheels with image analysis by AI, it is possible to instantly automatically detect a vehicle abnormality.For inspections that are generally performed by human eyes, the introduction of this system can speed up the inspection.


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