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In 2019 Auction group USS (Used Car Systems Solutions), announced the launch of a new car inspection project - OBD (On board diagnostics).

The vehicle inspection equipment was made by AUTOMOBILE BODY REPAIR, in collaboration with DENSO. The equipment was specially and exclusively developed for USS and named "Dst-i for USS". "Dst-i for USS" tests 6 main points of the car: 1-internal combustion engine, 2-transmission, 3-airbags, 4-power steering, 5-brakes and 6-vehicle security system.

OBD- コ ー ナ ー (OBD corner)- Lots of this department start from 17001- In addition to the main auction sheet, a computer diagnostics sheet is attached. Started at this auction, if the project is successful, the USS auction system plans to provide such diagnostics for all cars in the future. As you can see, on the auction house, there is a seal that computer diagnostics have been made on the car.


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