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USS Sapporo (President of Ebetsu City, Hokkaido, President of Seta University) held the "23rd Anniversary Great Thanksgiving Day AA" on Wednesday, March 17th. On the day of the auction, 4735 units were exhibited, 3669 units were closed, and the contract rate was 77.5%.

At the ceremony before the start of the auction, Director Sugada said, "The USS Sapporo venue started with 1550 units as the 7th USS venue on March 14, 1998. This year marks the 23rd year, but it is a member as a key to distribution in Hokkaido. We have operated it to help our business. We will continue to work on revitalizing, soundening, and stabilizing the distribution of used cars while paying close attention to measures such as corona measures. "

At the same venue, "Prompt decision business negotiations" is scheduled to start as a new initiative from April 21st. By inputting the prompt decision price from the CIS, smart CIS, venue terminal, etc., the price negotiation required in the conventional business negotiation can be omitted. The average number of business negotiations at the venue is about 250 to 300 per event, but it will be interesting to see how far the use of this service will expand in the future. In the future, new services such as a lower image system and digital listings that will improve the convenience of members are also planned. In addition, it has acquired 2,700 tsubo of land and is expected to be able to accommodate about 7,000 vehicles this summer.


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