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Location: 9-20 Daikokucho, Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa 230-0053

Phone: +81-45-508-7000

Year of foundation: 2004

Number of simultaneously traded cars: 4

The number of cars put up for auction: 2800-3000 cars

Auction day: Every Tuesday

At the beginning of this century, the used car auction trade in Japan is experiencing its heyday. The overall positive situation in the economy allows companies and ordinary citizens to change their cars much more often, thereby pushing the secondary market forward. With the aim of expanding its presence in the Greater Tokyo area, the USS Auction Group was considering building a new auction in Yokohama City.

The choice fell on this city for a reason: firstly, it is the main Japanese transport hub, which in terms of logistics creates excellent prospects for the development of the site, and secondly, Kanagawa Prefecture, whose center is Yokohama, ranks third in the number of car owners in Japan. These factors became decisive for making a positive decision on the location of the new site. And so, in July 2003, the construction of the auction complex began with the completion and commissioning of the object exactly ten months later, by the end of 2003, and on February 10, 2004, the first auction took place.

The name of the auction is fully consistent with its location - it covers an area of ​​82.650 m² near the Daikoku Futo shipyard in the Tsurumi-ku area of ​​Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. Geographically, the position was chosen very well - convenient routes lead to the site by land and by sea. The city, as you know, is a port city, and is also famous for a huge number of motorists - that is why the auction often comes across imported cars in excellent condition, including rarities.

The auction takes place in a two-stored building, equipped with the latest technology. On a total area of ​​9,166 m² there are 1,104 workplaces. Thanks to monitors located on all floors, the progress of trading can be observed almost anywhere in the building. For the first time in Japan, a special elevator is available at a car auction that takes you from the vehicle inspection area directly to the trade terminal.

At the auction, you can dine for free, each dealer, in addition, has the right to take a meal voucher for his guests. You can dine without being distracted from the bidding process - monitors with information are provided even in the café, from the window of which a beautiful view of the highway and the port opens, from where the purchased cars are often sent. At the exit from the main building there is a waiting room for salespeople.

The territory of USS Yokohama includes a five-story parking with a total area of ​​95,580 m², with a capacity of up to 5,300 lots. The undoubted advantage of the multi-store covered parking is that even in bad weather the dealer does not have to get wet in the rain to inspect the positions of interest. But it also has a minus - there is not enough light in the parking lot and it is sometimes quite difficult to thoroughly inspect cars.

The auction starts every Tuesday at 09:30 am in Japan, all models are available for inspection from the early morning of the trading day. On average, about 3,000 cars are put up for auction. 4 lots are drawn simultaneously. Almost all cars are open for viewing. However, there are some of the cars locked with a key - these are expensive, rare or, in some cases, ordinary cars with a good radio tape recorder, the owners of which would not want free access to the salon. You can get into them upon presentation of an identification card of an auction member with a photograph of the owner with a record of the visit time in a special journal.

The auction is not as large as, for example, USS Tokyo, but with the level of its organization and favorable location it has won an excellent reputation among car dealers.


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