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What does “T-value” mean on the auction sheet? (AKEBONO)

Sometimes you will notice the T-Value mark on the auction sheets. As a rule, such information is indicated by the owner himself (or the person who puts the car up for sale). This is an additional quality certificate.

So, there are ordinary used cars, there are certified by a dealer (Toyota has a U-car, Lexus has its own certification, etc.), and there are certified by a service partner. T-Value is committed to providing this additional certification. T-Value gained fame precisely for the technical inspection of Toyota and Lexus cars, although models of other brands also come across.

A supplementary service certificate is issued after :

1.Thorough internal and external cleaning

2. Inspection by Toyota diagnostic equipment

There are two additional services in the service - for hybrid cars (with an additional inspection of the hybrid system) and for premium cars. The car is assigned a score (5 point system for technical condition and 5 point system for external). The holder of the certificate has a guarantee of use for a year or more.

Naturally, such a certificate is not issued to older cars, with mileage and with an accident history. But for a car of recent years and with low mileage, it is an additional indicator of good condition, in a word, a definite plus.

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