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Yokohama port of Japan

The Yokohama port is owned by the Yokohama Ports Corporation. It is one of the major ports in Japan and has ten wharves. Cars from Kanto area auctions are being shipped from this port. Among Kanto area used car auctions are: USS Tokyo, USS Yokohama, USS Saitama, Ju Tokyo, Ju Chiba, Ju Saitama, CAA Tokyo, Honda Tokyo, TAA Kanto and others. Even cars from nothern part of Japan like Ju Fukushima, USS Tohoku and USS Sapporo are being shipped from Yokohama port.

The Honmoku dock is the main port facility comprising 14 berths for handling containers and 10 general cargo berths. A newly developed facility is at the Minami Honmoku Pier that was opened in 2015. It has 4 berths spanning more than 400 meters that can accommodate huge container ships. This facility boasts 6 cranes and 22 container lines. More berths are being built to handle the increasing volume of traffic.

The Osanbashi wharf handles passenger ships and cruises, the Detamachi wharf handles fruits and vegetable imports, and the Daikoku dock offers logistics services, has 7 berths and huge warehouses.

The Kanazawa pier deals with timber, metal scrap, wood products, construction material such as sand, gravel, stone etc.

In 2022, 213,326 used cars were shipped from Yokohama port. The top importer counties from Yokohama port are :

U.A.E- 24,239 cars

New Zealand- 21,002 cars

Philippines- 14,943 cars

Nigeria- 14,613 cars

Tanzania- 12,607 cars

Mongolia- 10,035 cars

The detailed statistics of shipment from the Yokohama port can be downloaded here:

Port of Yokohama
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