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On September 2, 2021 at ZIP Osaka Auto Auction (ZIP 大阪) vintage car corner will be held.

ZIP is imported automobile auction. Message from the president of ZIP auction:

Our company initiated its business in 1976 as FAIA AUCTION that’ was an imported cars’ auction market under the association named FAIA ,Foreign Automobile Importers Association which had been our management organization and then after that we were reestablished as another corporation named ZIP in 1996. Since then, we have been consistently running the imported cars’ auction and been in pursuit of the convenience to meet the needs of the times with our basic doctrine of fairness and integrity. In the final result, we have been able to be generally accepted as the sole company dealing with the imported cars’ auction in Japan while all of auction companies including ZIP have been connected and getting close relationships with each other under the quick improvement and development of POS system and networking. We really appreciate all of our members’ cooperation as well.

We anticipate that the innovation of technology in EV and automated driving system can be quickly developed since we have to more cope with the environmental problems and safe driving in the automobile business however we have to also go along with the change for social networking and globalization. Imported cars’ auction business will be involved in the same condition above too.

ZIP must pursue being more reliable and convenient auction market by trying to be flex and quick to the change of time as well as giving priority to the fairness and convenience for all clients or steadily figuring out the extension of our business, infrastructures including network system, other facilities and market operation.


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