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Hey! So Glad You're Visited my blog.

Hi! My name is Akobir, but people call me simply- AKB. Currently, I am the sales manager of Akebono Co.,Ltd the used car export company. Based in the city of Yokohama, there the biggest port of Japan is located, Akebono is being exporting used cars from Japan to around the globe. To know more about our company, you can visit our web site:

Being in used car business since 2004, I have collected a lot of information on Japanese used car auctions and the export procedure, which I want to share with you. The main subjects of this blog as you already understood, will be: used car auction news, structure, technics, export procedure, terminology, shipping information, market information and etc.

I have found that for one interested in this industry is very difficult to find any information in order to better understand it. Many companies reluctant to share the information, because they are afraid of competition. My approach is different, I think that the more we teach customers about our industry, the more customers will get confidence in our company. Thus I have decided to start this blog. 

My contacts information:

Akebono Co.,Ltd


Office phone: +81-45-325-7947

Mobile: +81-9345-0655 (what's app, viber, telegramm, facebook messenger)

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