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Golden week* holidays schedule 2021:

APRIL 26 (Mon)- Auctions work as usual

APRIL 27 (Tue)- Auctions work as usual

APRIL 28 (Wed)- Auctions work as usual

APRIL 29 (Thu)

USS Group auctions closed

Mirive Osaka

TAA Tohoku

TAA Kanto

TAA Chubu

TAA Hokkaido

Arai Oyama

Naa Osaka

KCAA Fukuoka

JU Fukushima

JU Kanagawa

JU Gunma

JU Aichi

JU Hiroshima

SAA Hamamatsu

ZIP Osaka

ISUZU Kyushu


APRIL 30 (Fri)

USS Group auctions closed

Aria Bayside

LAA Okayama

KCAA Yamaguchi

JU Hokkaido

JU Niigata

JU Miyagi

JU Chiba

JU Okinawa

JU Fukuoka


Mirive Aichi

MAY 1 (Sat)

All auctions are closed

MAY 2 (Sun)

All auctions are closed

MAY 3 (Mon)

All auctions are closed

MAY 4 (Tue)

All auctions are closed

MAY 5 (Wed)

All auctions are closed

MAY 6 (Thu)

Almost all auctions are closed

USS Tokyo

NAA Nagoya

LUM Kobe

LUM Hokkaido

MAY 7 (Fri)

Almost all auctions except USS are closed

USS Nagoya

USS Saitama

USS Osaka

NAA Tokyo

JU Tochigi

MAY 8 (Sat)

All auctions work as usual except Arai Oyama VT

* The Akebono staff are known for their hard-working attitude and dedicated approach to their professional lives. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy any downtime. One of the best periods of the year to relax and unwind falls during Golden Week which occurs between the end of April and early May.

Why is Golden Week Called Golden Week?

Golden Week (or GW as it’s often known in the country) got its name from the number of holidays that fall during the period. It’s quite simply a golden opportunity for workers to get some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

What Happens During Golden Week?

During this period many workers take advantage of the numerous public holidays and take paid leave. In a few cases, companies close down for some of the days between the formal festivals to give their staff a well-earned rest.

In 2021 the biggest block of holidays will fall between May 3nd to May 5th. During this time Japanese citizens will be able to enjoy a 5-day weekend, with intercity travel expected to peak on approximately May 1st. The official celebrations that make up Golden Week are:

April 29th: Shōwa Day

In Japan, the reigning Emperor’s birthday is a public holiday. The birthday of Emperor Hirohito, who reigned during the Shōwa period (1926–1989), has remained a holiday and is celebrated on April 29th, Shōwa Day (Showa no hi).

May 3rd: Constitution Day

Constitution Day (Kenpo kinenbi) celebrates the enactment of the 1947 Constitution of Japan. It is considered to be a day to reflect on the history of the country and the meaning of democracy. It’s a great opportunity to visit the National Diet which opens its doors to the public.

May 4th: Greenery Day

Greenery Day (Midori no hi) originates from the celebration of the Emperor Shōwa’s birthday. In recognition of this Emperor’s love for plants, this holiday is a day to be thankful for nature.

May 5th: Children’s Day

The final event of the Golden Week, Children’s Day (Kodomo no hi), celebrates children and their happiness. On this day families fly carp-shaped windsocks on sticks representing the legend that a carp which swims upstream becomes a dragon and enters heaven.


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