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Whenever you're in the market for used cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, there's no better way to do it than by using our most recent feature that will allow you to conveniently search for the vehicles you are looking for.

With access to thousands of vehicles from local dealers and vast choices of brands, the VEHICLE SEARCH has made it faster and easier to find the right car for you. Vehicle Search has made the process of buying a vehicle more efficient, convenient and accessible than ever before with our help.

To have an even better experience, please click to check the local dealers stock list:

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How to purchase vehicle from Japan

1. Check Vehicle importing rules & regulations of your country, like used vehicle age limit, mileage, type of vehicles allowed, engine CC, import duty and other taxes etc

2. Check Vehicle stock ready for export from here 3. Send inquiry of your interested vehicles or if you could not find your interested vehicle. 4. Get the quotation to your country. 5. After finalizing the deal, please register to our web site Akebono will send you the Proforma Invoice to transfer the payment to our Bank account.. 6. Once you make the payment, we will arrange the vehicle for shipping and will send you all the documents like Bill of lading, Customs Invoice, Japanese De-Registration Certificate English translation of De-registration Certificate, Inspection Certificate (if applicable) etc. you required while clearing your car from the custom department. 7. Once the car has arrived at your country port you have to bring all these documents to the customs department to clear the car.


Name: アコビル  ラシドフ 

Web: Mobile: +81-80-9345-0655 (whats'app) E-mail:


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