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Purpose of JUMVEA

JUMVEA- Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association, was established on September 14, 1995 as the Japan Federation of Used Car Exports, and was subsequently established as a Japanese Used Car Export Industry Cooperative With Legal Personality with the approval of the Minister of International Trade and Industry on June 1, 1997.

The purpose of the establishment of cooperatives is to exchange information with each other, build order in the used car export industry, and strive for the sound development of used car exports, as well as conduct necessary joint projects for JUMVEA members, promote the economic activities of members, and improve their social and economic status.

As for the background of the establishment of the JUMVEA, the revision of the Trade Control Order in 1995 greatly relaxed restrictions on exports, simplified operations, made it possible to easily export to anyone, and the number of used car exporters increased sharply. For this reason, in addition to intensifying competition, illegal exports such as illegal exports of stolen vehicles and exports of modified vehicles have been increasing, and it was urgent for the used car export industry to prevent these illegal activities and illegal exports.

On the other hand, the demand for used cars was expected to increase more and more among the countries of the world that are establishing economic foundations against the background of the excellent quality and reasonable price of Japanese cars.

Under these circumstances, by establishing a "business cooperative" as an organization that can respond to the coming new era, developing more advantageous markets, securing export products, streamlining transportation, establishing an economic base for union members, and strengthening cooperation with governments and organizations of used car importing countries around the world with the support of the government, we will work hard to establish and develop an order for used car exports.

The union experienced major difficulties in exports due to the 2008 Lehman shock, the 2011 Fukushima No. 2 nuclear power plant disaster, and a significant surge in the yen, but in 2012, the number of JUMVEA members. 1.25 million units in 2015,1.3 million units in2019, and1million units for corona in 2020, but in 2021.It is regarded as certain to be. 

  • With the cooperation of our members, we aim to prevent illegal transactions such as stolen cars and illegal modified vehicles, establish an export order for used cars, and promote the sound development of used car exports

  • The purpose of this program is to promote closer information exchange, to develop more favorable markets, secure export products, and to make transportation rational, and to contribute to the development of mutual members and the distribution of healthy used cars.

  • In contact with import unions and government agencies in each country, we aim to ensure that high-quality vehicles are exported at appropriate prices, and to establish a system that can provide information to union members faster than anywhere else when the laws and regulations of the relevant countries change. We are also trying to stop illegal parts from going abroad by proceeding with the detection of illegal demolition contractors.

Akebono Co.,ltd is a member of JUMVEA since 2014 .

Video about JUMVEA


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