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Most people think that auction grade -2 is given only for cars with rust, corrosion and wholes from corrosion. In most cases yes, auction grade 2 is given for the corroded cars.

Cars become corroded in snowy areas in the north and in salty areas in south as in picture above (car from Okinawa). Specialists say, that north corrosion is better than south salty corrosion.

Snowy areas.

However auction grade 2 (Two) is not only given to corroded cars.

Cases of auction grade 2:

- Items with low commercial value.

- Those that meet the safety standards, but are modified that are beyond the scope of common sense in the used car distribution and are equipped with a turbo, etc.

- Those that have been modified beyond the scope of common sense in the distribution of used cars for the purpose of use in competitions, etc., those that have been used in competitions, etc. Example is racing car.

- Those that have corrosion holes in the main body parts (frame, pillars, floor panel, inner panel, roof panel, etc.) that do not pass the vehicle inspection, and those that has determined that there is a problem with safe driving.

- Submersible vehicles (those that have been exposed to water or mud due to a disaster or their own inundation, and those that are equivalent to those that are believed to have suffered a disaster, and those that has determined that the commercial value is expected to decline significantly in a similar state. (Things), salt-damaged vehicles (rust that is severely undercut due to seawater, etc., corrosion that makes it impossible to tighten or maintain bolts and nuts), hail-damaged vehicles (those with many small dents on the upper surface of the body that are not easy to repair), etc.

- Auction has determined that the following appearance and functions have been damaged (damaged to the skeleton of the car body) due to a traffic accident or other disaster.

1 Frame, member, inner fender panel, cowl panel, trunk floor panel replaced, modified, or requiring modification

2 Pillars other than the outer surface are replaced, modified, or require modification 3 Roof panel replacement, poorly modified, or requiring major modification

4 Room floor replacement, modification, or modification required, or welded to it panel replacement, modification, or modification required

5 Others Suspected traffic accident history or disaster history due to correction or repair status

Example of not rusted car with the auction grade 2.


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