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BAYAUC auction introduced 360-degree interior and exterior images

BAYAUC has started providing 360-degree interior and exterior images from the auto auction (AA) held on February 3. This is the first attempt in the AA industry to allow you to view 360-degree images of the interior and exterior from the company's own internet "Baynet".

The interior and exterior 360-degree images were attached to 532 units, which accounted for 52.8% of the total number of vehicles exhibited on the 3rd, and 527 units, which was 41.4% of the total number exhibited on the 10th. The target blocks (corners) are "Premium", "Fresh Group 30", "Fresh Group 60", "General", "World Car", and "Powerful Kei 4", and as expected during the trial period, about half of the vehicles will be exhibited. It looks like a 360-degree image is attached. Members have given high marks such as "scrolling is possible and it is very easy to see", "you can buy with confidence because there is no blind spot", and "it will be a good judgment material when combined with the evaluation points".

The introduction of 360-degree images of the interior and exterior of the company was speedily realized from the strong desire to provide members with an environment just like the current car in a situation where an emergency declaration was issued due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection and it is desirable to avoid going out. did. At this stage, it is in trial, but from March 17th, the block will be expanded to "Kei 4 Refresh", and it is expected that about 70% of the total number of exhibited products will be exhibited. After a trial of about two months, the target will be expanded to all blocks from April 7th.

Under these circumstances, the company is offering "Baynet" free of charge. It provides a preview environment for members who are refraining from going out, and the free period is scheduled for the end of March.


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