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Many of us know, that in Okinawa prices in used car auctions are generally 100,000 JPY cheaper than those in other areas of Japan. It is because the in land transportation expenses: most cars purchased in Okinawa are being transported to major ports Kobe or Osaka and from those ports are being shipped to other countries. The transportation of car from Okinawa to Kobe/Osaka is expensive and can be from 50,000- 70,000 jpy. Many compact rental cars are regularly appear in Okinawa, because it is sightseeing area.

However, not everyone knows that used cars could be shipped directly from Okinawa, from Naha port.

Shipping company Wanhai Lines operates in the area. . This shipping company with a service network throughout Southeast Asia, has started an interesting service for container ships connecting Okinawa's Naha port and other countries. Thus there is only container shipment is available.

Among the main destinations that can be handled by Wanhai Lines are: Singapore, Port Kelang, Hong Kong, Laem Chabang, Jakarta, Colombo, Manila, Karachi and Jebel Ali. By cutting the logistics costs to Kobe and Osaka , shipping company Wanhai made participation in Okinawa auctions, interesting for exporters.

Naha container terminal.

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