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Car options explained (Akebono)

Car options are add-on features beyond the standard equipment built into a new vehicle. They can be pre-installed at the factory before arriving at dealerships, ordered in advance by customers, or installed by the dealer. Car options upgrade or supplement the model's standard equipment group.Сar options are chosen by the buyer when buying a car. The price of the car from this becomes more expensive.

For instance, if you buy Toyota Alphard Hybrid AYH30W with the grade X, you will be offered to add options like sunroof, rear fog lights or navigation.

Car options are roughly divided into two types: manufacturer options and dealer options. The main difference between the two is retrofitability.

Factory options are options that are added at the factory when the vehicle is manufactured.

An example of a manufacturer options:

・genuine navigator

・Advanced safety equipment

・Back monitor

・Auto retractable door mirror

・Smart entry system

・Leather seat

· Sunroof

Orders for adding manufacture options are accepted only when purchasing a new car, and basically cannot be retrofitted. If you want to add something that is described as a "manufacturer's option" in catalogs, etc., you need to select it at an early stage when ordering a new car.

Dealer options are options that are added by the dealer after the vehicle is manufactured.

Examples of dealer’s options

· Floor mat

・ETC in-vehicle device

・Remote control engine starter

Possible car options could be checked from the car catalogs.

Car catalog:

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