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From January 4,2023 automobile verification become electronic in Japan.

From January 4, 2023, the computerization of automobile inspection certificates (vehicle inspection certificates) has started. As a result, A6 size vehicle inspection certificates with embedded IC chips will be issued in the future.

First, let's explain the difference between conventional vehicle verification and electronic vehicle verification. First of all, regarding the size, the conventional vehicle inspection certificate is A4 size, while the electronic vehicle inspection certificate is equivalent to A6 size (length 105mm x width 177.8mm). Since the IC tag is affixed, it claims to be digitized, but the material is cardboard.

The IC tag stores information such as the validity period of the vehicle inspection certificate, the user's address, the owner's name and address, the location of the base of use, and the document type, so that the address, etc. cannot be known from the vehicle inspection certificate alone. Become. In addition, with the digitization of automobile inspection certificates, the price of new inspections at the counter application has increased by 300 yen to 1,500 yen, and the renewal inspection (renewal) has increased by 200 yen to 1,400 yen. The price has risen by about ¥500.

Furthermore, by using an IC card for vehicle inspection, it is possible to store more detailed vehicle information, maintenance information, and service information for car owners such as member information and point information in the data free space of the built-in IC chip.

The information recorded on the IC tag can be viewed from a PC or smartphone through a dedicated application.

Since the owner information is not written on the face of the electronic vehicle inspection used car auctions auctions also has to adjust their work.

As for the export cancellation documents and how digitilization will affect it, there is no official information. I think the process will be the same as before at the Land Transport Bureau and the same export cancellation documents as before will be issued. Seems to me that the electronic vehicle inspection certificate will not affect this part.


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