Japanese company Akebono Co., ltd is currently looking for importers of used auto parts in bulk (by containers) from Japan to Australia. We were searching platform ,where we can get the sales leads and we found out about allows car part hunters from Australia to submit their used car parts request and car wreckers reply to the request from their email inbox. Car wrecker also can advertise their services. Above web site is mainly designed for local sales. However, we decided to give it a try.

I wrote to company and promptly received following reply:

... If you would like to promote your business simply provide us with a detailed article about "Importing used car parts & vehicles from Japan" and we will publish it on our website.

Please remember that the more detailed the information there is in the article the more likely a potential customer will use your service from Australia...

We wrote detailed article about our services and has sent it to admin. Currently, we are waiting for their approval.

We will keep you updated on the results we will get from the cooperation with

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