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Importing used car parts & vehicles from Japan

The business in used car parts and vehicles can be a bit risky at times. There are times that one may even lose money on a deal, be it directly or indirectly. Especially when it comes to used car parts, risk will increase as companies often do not have control on the items they source. There are several ways to get used car parts, such as parts auctions, e-commerce sites, purchasing from insurance companies, or of course directly from used parts dealers. However, in most cases you will have to rely on the information that the other party provides you. For example, when you need a specific engine, you will lack the information about the state of the car when the engine was taken. Some supplier even work through brokers. They resell engines purchased from outside as they do not have their own yard, and provide buyers with products of unknown traceability. Therefore, you cannot be certain about the condition and mileage of the engine either.

It is very difficult for companies interested in this industry to find any information in order to better understand it. There are many big companies that may advertise a lot about their service, but it is very difficult to get a clear picture of the business. Afraid for competition, they will be secretive about their ways and reluctant to share any cost information. However, we believe that it is more beneficial to teach people and provide clarity about the service one provides. With this intention in mind, I will write this article.

Japan is also one of the largest exporters in the world when it comes to used and spare automotive parts and vehicles. Many companies from different countries choose to import containers filled with parts from Japan. Reason being is that even for used parts, the items are among the highest quality in the world. For example, by buying containers of car parts from the UAE you will find yourself collecting a lot of scratched and damaged items. Japan is often praised about the excellent road conditions without too much salt which could accelerate rusting of car parts. Then there is of course also the renowned Shaken inspection which contributes to car parts being in a relatively good state when being disposed of. Yet there are still those who are considering to import, but may feel hesitant because of the large amount of money and necessary trust involved in one order.

We will introduce you a convenient and transparent way to obtain your used car pars.

Akebono Co ltd. is a company active in Japan that has been providing companies with used spare parts and vehicles. While they are foremost active and well known within the Russian market, it is also possible to order from other countries. With English speaking staff and near rock bottom prices, in addition to the openness for negotiation, Akebono is an excellent choice for anyone that is looking for a parts supplier from Japan.

Like many suppliers, Akebono obtains their used parts through Japanese used car auctions. By doing this, they have full access to vehicle inspection reports and can understand the condition of the parts that they will obtain by dismantling these vehicles. At Akebono, you even have the option to choose the car to be dismantled by yourself! This means that you are able to choose the mileage of the engines that you purchase.

When buying parts, cuts, engines, and completely dismantled cars from Japan, there are often many costs involved. When buying through auctions, you will usually be charged to pay for transportation fees, auction fees, dismantling fees, recycling fees and exportation fees. This quickly adds up to your total costs. Akebono slightly differs from other suppliers in Japan. Instead of paying all these variable costs, you have the option to pay only direct FOB prices for the parts in addition to the car price. Other than the airbag and batteries which are restricted for export by law, you can purchase all other car parts from Japan. Nose cuts, half cuts, engine sets, tire sets, doors, fenders.. There are too many, so the best way to find out what you need is to contact them directly!

Please contact us:

+81 70-4406-5965 (what's' app)


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