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In what cases delivery of the car becomes more expensive or in some cases impossible

Today we will explain why, in some cases the local transportation in Japan and the freight for some cars becomes more expensive, than the expenses for usual ones.


The Hiace as above and other cars with a total height of 2.0 m or more have different land transportation methods, so the charge is often increased. This is because if the vehicle is too large, it is likely that it will not fit in a commonly used loaded vehicle.

Freight for RO-RO shipping is calculated M3 size of the car multiplied by freight rate, but in case the car height is higher than 2 meters, the calculation is done by using the different category.

Above the example of the freight quotation to UAE , Jebel Ali port: for cars under 2,12 m formula is car M/3 size X 55 USD, for cars higher than 2,12 m, formula is car M/3 size X 68 USD


Same as above rule applies for lift up cars: the in land transportation and freight become more expensive. The exemption is controlled suspension, there you can adjust the height of the car.


A low-down vehicle is a "vehicle modified to lower the vehicle height".

As a guideline for the minimum ground clearance that can be carried by normal transportation, the distance between the lower part of the front bumper, side step, and rear muffler and the ground should be 15 cm or more . For used cars with a minimum ground clearance of less than 15 cm, the transportation method and route are different from those of ordinary used cars, so a separate quote will be required.

This is because when loading a loaded vehicle, a low-down vehicle will rub against the ground, so it will be carried by a special vehicle.

Freight for low-down cars is higher than for the same car with usual clearance.

Some shipping companies doesn't accept low down cars with the ground clearance of less than 15 cm. Thus , please check with our staff before bidding to low down car.

The exemption is controlled suspension, there you can adjust the height of the car.


Types of accident cars:

There is an accident, but the engine starts and car is drivable- the inland transportation and freight is usual.

There is an accident, engine not starts, but the tires are rolling- the inland transportation and freight : normal price X 1,5 (can be loaded by winch)

There is an accident, tires are not rolling- the inland transportation and the freight : normal price X 2

(need forklift)


According to Japanese regulations driver can not drive the car (even to car carrier) if the car has broken front window or mirrors of rear view.

The car is pulled by the winch to the car carrier, so the price will be : normal price X 1,5


In order that the roof box, not to be broken during the transportation in most cases it should be disassembled and packed into the car. The cost for this work can go from 5,000 JPY to 10,000 JPY . However, in some cases the box can not be disassembled, so the transportation price can become higher to 20,000 JPY.


The price for in land transportation of car with oil leakage will not differ from the one without. However, shipping companies will not except such kind of car. Thus before shipping the car with the oil leakage, one should repair it first.

CAR FROM ONE PRICE (one click)

In case you purchase car from so called one price or one click (cars on auction with the fixed prices), auction will not let use the outsourcing and will insist that one use the transportation company, with which auction has an agreement. In most cases the price of transportation by those transportation companies are higher comparing to those if you find by yourself.

Freight will not change if you purchase car from one price.


One should be careful to bid for cars auctioned in satellite auction. The actual location of the car is not according to the auction name. In example above, car is auctioned in TAA SHIKOKU, but the location is in Ehime Matsuyama, so the transportation will be different.

Sometime the difference can be huge, for instance TAA YOKOHAMA, but car location is Okinawa.

Freight in above cases remain same.


One of the differences between AUCNET (Auctions Network) and other auction systems is that it is an IT company that provides information solutions for other companies. This auction, which is held every Monday, does not have a specific physical location, meaning cars are scattered throughout Japan and exporters cannot make table of transportation expenses beforehand.

That is, for each car, you need to calculate the costs separately. In turn, this inconvenience is passed on to the buyers, since for each car, the buyer must consult with his supplier from Japan before making a bid. For the same reason, a preliminary physical examination of the traded vehicles is not possible. That is, the bidding takes place virtually in the offices of the AUCNET company.


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