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Jamaica- planned fraud and customer black list

We received following notification from JUMVEA (Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association):

"... We received information from the union members that the Jamaican trader committed fraud. Share information. Please be careful when dealing with buyers listed on the supplier list. I will contact you regarding Jamaica this time. There will be 200 auctions on the site on February 14. These 200 cars are basically cars that shipper received and exported 30% of C & F price. After that, there was no payment of the 70% balance and the car remained in port storage, resulting in an auction.This is not a funding problem, but a planned crime. Because they are sold cheaply at auction, and as a result buyers get cheaper than the original balance. I think this auction will cost the shipper more than 100 million yen. I made a black list based on the exhibition list. I hope we can share it with our members so that the shipper won't lose any more..."


List of re-auction cars list can be viewed here

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