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JU Gifu an option will be added to the plus warranty (AKEBONO)

From August 7th,2021 an option for electrical components such as air conditioners will be added to the JU Gifu plus warranty.

JU Gifu Hashima Auto Auction will offer optional electrical equipment such as air conditioners, which was not covered by the plus guarantee from the Auto Auction (AA) held on August 7.

This time, four items, "air conditioner," "power window," "electric sliding door," and "electric mirror," can be added as options. Especially for air conditioners, it is expected that the importance of guarantee will increase in the summer when the frequency of use increases. The application fee is 3300 yen (free for vehicles with additional option guarantee). It is not possible to subscribe to only additional options.

The plus guarantee provided by the venue started on April 20, 2019. The exhibitor can optionally attach a 30-day warranty from the successful bid date. After that, we tried to expand the service while listening to the voices of the members, such as adding an option that the winning store can voluntarily attach a guarantee, and in January 2009, the target corners were "accident" "purchase guarantee".

The target vehicles are (1) evaluation points of 3.5 points or more, (2) within 12 years from the first year registration, (3) mileage of 120,000 km or less, and (4) vehicles with no abnormality in OBD diagnosis. The scope of the basic warranty covers more than 50 major power system items such as the engine body and power transmission system (MT / AT / CVT). The number of vehicles covered by the warranty has gradually increased as the awareness of members has spread, and now it has expanded to about 60 km in the corner covered by the warranty.

There are three types of guarantee costs: the seller's burden, the winning bidder's burden, and both parties. The guarantee cost burden of the winning bidder is free for vehicles that the seller put up with a guarantee. Although it is a vehicle subject to warranty, if the seller does not have a guarantee, the winning bidder can optionally give a guarantee, and the winning bidder will bear the guarantee cost. If the seller bears only the basic guarantee, the option can be added arbitrarily, and the guarantee cost is borne by the winning bidder.

President Kumazaki said, "Plus guarantee is based on the establishment of inspection system and OBD diagnosis. We will continue to create an environment where both exhibitors and successful bidders can trade with peace of mind. In addition, it is currently out of warranty. We would like to cover the vehicle with R point as well. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a mechanism that can prove that it has been repaired correctly at an early stage. "


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