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JU Saitama is one of the famous auction venue of the JU auction house Japan, which was setup on March 24 2004. Since it is providing good deals of used car to their customers. The location of JU Saitama is good with few natural disasters, with no sea and little snow.

Auction opened: March 2004

Auction day: Every Tuesday

Start time: 10:00

Space: 500 seats

Speed: 4 lanes-400 units per hour

Claim: 5 days after purchase

Address: 535 Sasakubo Shinden Nakatani, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture 339-0035

JU Saitama cars could be purchased :

- In auction

- Through JU Navi, TC WEB, AUCNET , I-AUC or ASNET

- However the most informative site through which JU Saitama cars could be purchased (the cheapest way) is

What information one can find additionally to usual auctions information by using JU Saitama own web site?

There is also particularities in first picture of some cars in JU Saitama.


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