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Kanto Territory Auctions: Kanto (literally "region to the east of the outpost") - a region of the island of Honshu, the most highly developed and urbanized part of Japan. It houses the capital of the state - Tokyo, the residence of the emperor and the government of Japan. The region unites 7 prefectures: Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki (North Kanto sub-area), Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba and Tokyo (South Kanto sub-area).

The largest number of auto auctions is concentrated on the territory of Kanto. It also houses the largest in Japan and even in the world auction of used cars USS TOKYO.

Among the downsides of the Kanto Territory auctions are very few diesel vehicles. Since the use of diesel cars is prohibited in large cities, most of these cars are found in the south or very north of Japan.

An interactive map of the location of the auctions, you can see here:

The following is a list of Kanto Territory auctions:

CAA Tokyo

IPA Tokyo

Isuzu Chiba (Makuhari)

JAA Tokyo (Kasai)

JU Chiba

JU Tokyo

LUM Tokyo (Sayama)

NAA Tokyo

NPS Tokyo

SLC Chiba (Tokyo)

USS Tokyo

Zero Chiba

LUM Noda

LUM Sakura

Sakura Auction

TAA Kanto

Arai Bayside

JU Kanagawa

JU Saitama

TAA Yokohama

USS Saitama

USS Yokohama

JU Tochigi

NPS Tochigi



JU Ibaraki

Zero Ibaraki

Orix Atsugi

Arai Oyama

JU Gunma

USS Gunma

JU Fukushima


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