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Major ports of Japan for shipping cars

Cars are being transported to the customs’ broker yard located in the nearest port to auction. Exemption is container shipping, where you have to collect cars in one location.

There are a lot of different ports in Japan, but the major ones for the RO-RO shipment are: Yokohama/ Kisaradzu (*they located close to each other), Nagoya, Osaka/ Kobe and Kyushu ports.

Cars purchased from HOKKAIDO, TOHOKU and KANTO areas auctions are usually being shipped from YOKOHAMA PORT.

Cars purchased from CHUBU area are usually being shipped from NAGOYA PORT.

Cars purchased from KANSAI, CHUGOKU or SHIKOKU areas are usually being shipped from OSAKA PORT.

Cars purchased from KYUSHU area are usually being shipped from KYUSHU PORT.

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