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Mandatory display of used motorcycle chassis number

The automobile fair trade council has a revised display rule (fair competition rules and regulations) for motorcycles that stipulates that the "chassis number (last 3 digits or more)" be displayed in the advertisement. On November 14, it announced that it was certified and approved by the Consumer Affairs Agency and the Fair Trade Commission. The revised agreement will take effect on January 1, 2020.

The purpose of the amendment is to prevent “decoy advertisements” that unfairly attract customers by posting used motorcycles that cannot actually be sold. "The display of the chassis number, the effect can be expected also to misrepresentation prevention of mileage number" (The council and motorcycle business unit Kitazawa Director)

This Agreement amendment, including the information magazine, the Web site, its own home page, etc. For all advertisements, when displaying the sales price of a used motorcycle, it is necessary to display the last three digits or more of the chassis number. Display on the price card displayed at the store is not mandatory.


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