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NAA OSAKA 47th anniversary

NAA Osaka (Settsu City, Osaka Prefecture, President Yukihiko Inoue) will hold a “Settsu Venue 47th Anniversary Auto Auction (AA)” on November 21st. With the target number of 1000 exhibited, the company plans to strengthen sales activities in the Kinki and Chu-Shikoku areas and hold a lively commemorative AA with the participation of many Nissan dealers.

On the day of the event, we will offer an award for the number of units and the “23 (Nissan) Corner” exhibition fee half price campaign for general members. Along with listings from Nissan dealers, we will focus on promoting listings from general members.

At the same venue, at the AA held on September 5th, it has just recorded the highest contract rate ever, with a contract rate of 92.5%. Overall, the high contraction rate continues, and the average contraction rate is conspicuous with an ultra high rate of around 85%.

Under these circumstances, the printing method of the exhibition list was changed in October. By renewing the printing press, it will be renewed to an easy-to-read list, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing the work burden on staff. By significantly reducing the time it takes to print the exhibition list, it will help reduce overtime work, and allocate manpower to activities that lead to member service enhancement.


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