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New corner "First Prime" will be held in USS (AKEBONO)

USS Nagoya will start a new corner "First Prime Corner" from the Auto Auction (AA) on August 20th, 2021.

The exhibition conditions are for domestic cars excluding mini cars. Other conditions are the same as the existing prime time corner, and vehicles with 3 or more evaluation points that have not been exhibited at all auctions and bids within the past 6 months. The commission is set at 9000 yen for the exhibition fee, 9000 yen for the contract fee, and 10,000 yen for the winning bid at the venue. The implementation lane is AB lane. The auction order is in front of the prime time corner and the start time is scheduled to be around 11:00 am. No re-seri will be held at the same corner.

The prime time corner, which is the signboard corner of the venue, is popular with buyers due to the large number of fresh vehicles, and has a high contract rate of about 85% on average. About 1,500 vehicles are gathered every time, but if the delivery time is delayed, the order of auctions will be delayed, so there is a tendency that the number of vehicles brought in just before the date of the event will decrease.

At the same venue, a new first prime corner was set up with the aim of collecting as many fresh vehicles as possible and performing lively auctions. As a result, even if the delivery time is late, the auction is performed during the popular time zone from morning to noon, which solves the problem that the auction order is delayed. In addition, it is expected that re-seri will lead to smooth auction progress.

At AA on August 20, when the corner will start, one of the three major events of the year, the "Special Summer Festival," will be held. Until last year, it was called a new venue commemorative auction, but from this year it changed its name with the setting of a new corner.


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