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OBD corner increased to 150 units from February

USS Kyushu has revised the number of OBD corners and fees from February. The limited number of cars in the corner, which had been limited to 100 cars so far, has been increased to 150 cars, and a special price of 9,000 yen for exhibition fees and 9,000 yen for closing fees has been applied. Since the AA held on February 22, the company has decided to introduce a 360-degree interior camera, creating a system that makes it easy to exhibit in the corner. At the OBD corner, vehicle conditions are checked by an on-board failure diagnosis device (OBD) developed by the USS Group, and the condition is that no error code is output. There are also entry conditions for which the initial registration is 2008 or later for domestic passenger cars and mini cars, with an evaluation score of 3 or more. By performing a simple check with the OBD, we can eliminate anxiety such as invisible defects, and we are pleased by both exhibiting stores and successful bid stores. At the venue, while developing such a policy from the member's point of view, the company has been working to improve the convenience of members by actively incorporating the opening of new corners this year.

The newly established “Prime & Dealer”, “Light Prime & Dealer” and “Imported Car Prime & Dealer” are gaining recognition, and the volume of their listings is also increasing, leading to a high contract rate.


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