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Operational changes for HAA Kobe and USS Shikoku (AKEBONO)

HAA Kobe (Chuo-ku, Kobe City, President Norihiro Ando) has been changing the operation of the venue and USS Shikoku venue (Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture) since the latter half of May. With the highest priority given to member convenience, "Shikoku Reverse" was reorganized from May 22, and "Shikoku Low Price Sold Out" and "Shikoku White" were started. From June 4th, the exhibition fee for "30MAX" and "Kei 430MAX" has been reduced or revised to 4500 yen. On the other hand, "HAA First" (limited to 100 cars) will be specially set up as the start corner of the A and B lanes to increase the volume of the first cars exhibited at the venue.

The auction corner of the Shikoku venue is located in the GH lane of the venue and proceeds in the order of "Shikoku low price sold out", "Shikoku user", "Shikoku green", "Shikoku accident current situation", "Shikoku white". .. The low-priced corner was separated, and the operation was changed to make it easier to bid at the two corners that were sold out at the start. We will drastically review the bid guarantee amount for "white" and promote listings from within the four prefectures of Shikoku. This is a revision born from the strong request of local exhibitors, and aims to quickly establish it as a corner development familiar to the USS Group.

In the fee review from June 4, "30MAX" and "Kei 4 30MAX" will be reduced to 4500 yen as an exhibition fee commensurate with the low price range, which will lead to the creation of an environment that makes it easy to sell. The increase in exhibition volume due to this is expected to be about 20%.

On the other hand, "HAA First" will be specially set up as a special monthly corner in June. The exhibition condition is a domestic car with an evaluation score of 3 or more that has not been exhibited at the same venue within the past two months. The auction order will be at the beginning of the A and B lanes, and a limited number of 100 cars will be tried.

While making major operational changes in May and June, the staff will work together as "Reborn Month" in June to appeal the event to members. We will shift from the conventional "number of exhibits" to AA management that focuses on "number of participants" and aim to operate the venue to please members. Mr. Masatoshi Hagita said, "We want to work together as a team to aim for actions that will allow members to say" Thank you. "It is characterized by participation in transactions from a wide area, and the quality of the exhibited vehicles is exceptionally high. We will continue to improve the convenience of our members. "

Under these circumstances, on-site operation of the same venue is changed to prospect the end of the year. The city road, which used to traverse the center of the venue site from north to south, can now be used as the venue site. Since about 6000 square meters will be converted from the city road to the site, the fence at the boundary of the site will be removed by Kobe City, and the site will be expanded to 20 meters x 300 meters, which will be effectively used as a storage space for exhibited vehicles.

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