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Sri Lanka expects passenger car imports to resume (AKEBONO)

2020 year was a stagnant year for used car exports to Sri Lanka. At the end of March 2020, the issuance of L/C for automobile imports was suspended in Sri Lanka. Since the import of passenger car was suspended in Sri Lanka for one year, the stock of popular 1000 CC class cars such as Rise, Vitz and Yaris has been sold out and the used car import association in Sri Lanka decides to resume imports of passenger cars at an early stage.

It is said Used Car Import Association in Sri Lanka In May 2021 petitioning the government to resume the imports. If import resumes it is expected the the demand for above mentioned cars will increase. Thus it is expected that the prices for those cars will rise in Japanese auctions due to the resumption of imports in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka's import regulation is 2 years old cars for passenger cars.


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